Now What?

           Hundreds of thousands of people gathered this past week in Washington D.C. and marched for truth. We heard speeches from inspiring leaders and witnessed the pro-life generation come together in joy, peace, love, and honor for the most vulnerable in our society.

            This time and the March for Life, in particular, is the epitome of the pro-life movement. There is something encouraging and comforting about traveling to the March and learning you are not alone; knowing many people believe and respect life. Yet, how do we continue to be pro-life and promote a culture of life when the times do get tough and when we are discouraged? What does it actually mean to be pro-life?

            This year has been a year of blessings for the pro-life movement. We have claimed victory in many circumstances in our world through the joy of pro-life Senate, pro-life House, and a pro-life President. The abortion rate is the lowest it has ever been and the victory of defunding Planned Parenthood is in the near future. All of these successes are our prayers, fasting, dedication, and activism at work. But to the pro-life generation, we are not done! Until we can convince the hearts of others that their life is of God and that he is their Creator, how can we claim victory? We must go forth and teach our brothers and sisters in Christ about their life’s value, but not only that, we must teach them how to be pro-life.

            Being pro-life is not just being anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, or anti-death penalty. Although being pro-life encompasses each of these which defend the truth, it is much deeper. To be pro-life is to be rooted in Christ. To be pro-life is to realize that our own life is a gift. To be pro-life is to sanctify each day for Christ. To be pro-life is to love others as Christ did! We must work to promote a culture of life in which abortion, euthanasia, and unjust killing are unthinkable.

            Today I invite you, the pro-life generation, to reflect on if you are truly pro-life. I challenge you to open your heart and mind to our Lord. I know when we do this we can become a light of Christ in this very dark era of the world. We can turn the tide and we can convert hearts and minds with God’s grace. Today, I invite you to be more pro-life than you have ever been. Open your eyes to the reality that your life is a unique gift. Sanctify each day for the Lord. Love others more than you ever loved before. When we focus on being pro-life ourselves, we can then claim victory. Are you on a path to victory ladies and gentlemen? Are you leading others to Christ and His truth? Are you doing your part to promote LIFE?

\Written by Corinne Zay, President of AMU Students For Life


Why We March

March For Life 2014

Every January, roughly half a million people of all races, religions, and corners of this country gather in the United States capital for the same cause: to end abortion in our nation.  One would imagine that a protest of this size would earn national coverage from every major news agency, but every year the March for Life is lucky to receive any recognition at all.

So why do we do it? If it doesn’t receive any coverage, why do we bother to travel to Washington D.C. on charter buses in the middle of the winter?  Does it make a difference at all?  The answer is yes it does.  The tide is turning.  Despite biased media efforts, those ages 18-34 are considered the single most pro-life generation since the legalization of abortion in 1973, and for good reason.  According to the Washington Post, 53% of American millennials believe that abortion should be unlawful in all or most situations.  This statistic becomes more than just a number at the March for Life, which has grown both larger and younger every year.

Our generation believes that the murder of one-fourth of our generation is unacceptable.  We believe that to be pro-woman is to be pro-life because, while the abortion industry lies to and manipulates women, the pro-life movement promises those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy the love and support they need, as well as the options that are best for them.  We are making a difference.  Abortion laws across the country are slowly becoming stricter and abortion facilities are closing at record levels, while pregnancy centers are opening more and more locations every year.  The notorious abortion giant that was founded as a racist eugenics program, also known as Planned Parenthood, is under federal investigation and could very well be losing their government funding in the near future.

We, the Pro-Life Generation, march because it is an annual reminder to our nation that hundreds of thousands of us will not forget the day that genocide became legal in our nation, and we will not lose hope that it will become outlawed.  We refuse to back down until abortion is not only illegal in America, but also unthinkable.  We believe that one day it will be seen as the evil that it truly is, and we hope to be remembered as the generation that stood for what they believed in and became the voice for the voiceless.


Written by Blair Harbison, March For Life Co-Coordinator of AMU Students For Life

Semester in Review: Fall 2016

Ave Maria has one of the most concentrated pro-life populations in the United States. The Ave Maria Students for Life Club’s goal is to promote and cultivate a culture of life both here on campus and beyond. SFL’s dream is to give AMU students who have conviction the education, tools, and experience necessary to be an effective, active, equipped defenders of life who will turn the tide of the culture after graduation.

This past semester, Students for Life took on the new school year with events, speakers, and trips that educated, activated, and equipped our members.

Every 2 weeks, 20-30 students drove to Ft. Myers and pray in front of the abortion facility, standing witness to the dignity of the lives of the unborn and their mothers.

Every month, a meeting featured a speaker who educated students on an aspect of the pro-life movement and encouraged them to be active.

October was a busy month! On the 9th, students gave away blue and pink frosted cupcakes after the Masses outside the Oratory in honor of the 53 million children who never had a birthday. The leftovers were partitioned to the dorm lobbies and students enjoyed a sweet treat in celebration of the gift of life.

On October 18th, AMU students collectively offered up over 300 hours of silence in solidarity with those whose voices are ignored and silenced forever. Many students remained silent the entire day.


On October 25th, AMU Students for Life participated in the National Pro-Life Chalk Day, covering campus with positive, pro-life messages.


November began with our Night of Life Gala, our biggest fundraiser for the March for Life. Our speaker, Matt Birk, spoke to over 100 guests and 25 volunteering students.

On December 3rd, Sidewalk Advocates for Life came to AMU and trained 15 students to be sidewalk counselors. Next semester, these students will reach out to women in front of the Naples Planned Parenthood to offer them hope and peace in alternative options.sfl-sidewalk-counseling-training-photo

Our December Christmas Party closed the year, as Fr. Bob encouraged students in their pro-life work and shared the story of Jon Scharfenberger, a former Students for Life president who Fr. Bob has introduced for canonization.

Thank you to all students who gave their time this past semester to the fight for a culture of life. Let us pray that the Lord ignites an unquenchable zeal in the souls of AMU faculty, staff and students for the protection of our vulnerable brothers and sisters, both inside and outside the womb. May the Lord inspire us to redouble our efforts in the Spring semester!


Written by Nora Anderson, Co-President of AMU Students For Life